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Are You Happy?

The reason I ask is because it is not a common question I have heard.

I slept through most of my schooling but I don’t remember taking any actual class on, “happiness”.

I don’t remember a teacher ever asking if I was happy or what made me happy.

Perhaps it is only because we didn’t talk much in my household, but I don’t remember it being asked when I was little either.

As an adult, I simply never hear people talking about it.

Why this is, is something I am still pondering.

Because, from what I’m gathering, that’s one of the main things we all want, to be happy.

From the beginnings of recorded history philosophers have mentioned it, and in some cases, and implied / outright said, that this is all we are truly looking for in life; to be happy. In fact, the greatest thinkers of all times had trouble even placing a definition on it.

In fact, and of course I don’t have data from every human ever, but it seems I hear people saying how less happy they are than how happy they are.

Which kind of makes sense, at-least in the case in America, people have to follow a structure that essentially requires someone to pick out the field they want to be in for the rest of their life before they even know who they really are. I mean how in the world does someone pick the right path for themselves when they have not been through what is needed to know what path they should be on and the fact that over 50% of college grads end up in a different career should be a indicator that this can’t be the most efficient route we have. But, it is the only one and 50% is better than 100% but this means 50% of all people in college will waste this portion of their life and money on something that is not for them.

Folk with no education, outside of those making something out of nothing, don’t have much to choose from. In this society, the uneducated live a limited life. Meaningful and purposeful I have no doubt in some cases as some do not care about the quality of their life improving as they are truly okay with where they’re at however, limited is limited no matter how it is painted.

No matter, the point is just to pose the question.

Are you happy?

For some it could be a difficult thing to look at because maybe we don’t want to.

Maybe we just want to stay submerged in whatever it is that makes us not look at whether we are happy or not.

That is, we are too busy trying to deal with being unhappy to look around at anything else because, well, that’s the goal.

I say that to say this:

I never asked myself this question and when I did I was alarmed at seeing that not only was I unhappy, but I disliked almost everything about my life and I was working like a mad man to keep it all close to me.

When I started looking at what made me unhappy it began to illuminate all of the things that were not there, that I wanted there.

That I, at one time, wanted to be; in addition to the things I never knew I wanted to begin with.

Happiness is a pretty important thing to us human and so many of us never pay any mind to it.

However, one of the biggest changes for me came after asking this question.

Not the plans I may be writing up or working on now to possibly become happy, but the realization that I was in fact, unhappy.

We humans have an incredible ability to cope and adapt, so quickly in fact we don’t even think about it, “Oh welp, this is the way it is, guess I’ll stay here forever.”

And on begins the very common living where we don’t want to be, and trying to make the best of it.

And perhaps it is simply easier this route however none of this matters.

What does is this question:

Are you happy?

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