Delusional, Depression, Depression Symptoms

Delusions of Worthlessness

I suppose ones self-esteem can drop so low they feel they are worthless however in this case the person may believe this with 100% certainty.

“I feel worthless”, is different than, “I am worthless.”


  • “It would have been better if I were not born at all.”
  • “I have failed at everything.”
  • “I have never done anything.”

The person may believe they have been a burden to all and have never really done anything good in life. As with other symptoms, contradictory evidence that would dismantle this idea, go unnoticed.

The person believes they are almost subhuman. Most likely not any better or worse than most any other human yet think of themselves as a lesser species and carry these faulty realties with them every day.

Believing they are useless makes becoming healthier a more complex endeavor.

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