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Sleep Disturbances

Although common in non depressed folk, sleeping disturbances is one of the more general signs that we may have a case of depression.

This symptom may not be as alarming as some of the others but if you add in some of the other symptoms with sleep disturbances, well, instead of sad people we become like, sad, zombies.

Not enough sleep can make someone cranky but as with other symptoms in depression, they become severe and in this case, not enough sleep becomes almost no sleep some nights.

What’s more, I think in normal situations of sleeping issues we can eventually get a good night sleep however in this example, that may not come for months.

And of course, we carry the physiological results of this along with all the other symptoms one might have that have so graciously blessed our lives.


Person starts waking up earlier with a slight difficulty in falling back asleep. Or the reverse; the person is sleeping much more than usual.


The person starts waking up hours early, sleep is no longer restful and the person begins to feel as if they never sleep. In addition, going back to sleep is even more difficult, even though some may be at a point of exhaustion.


The person may only get a few hours of sleep at night. Fatigue becomes a norm of life, and sleep no longer provides the typical recharge we humans need.

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