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Crying Spells

Crying is normal in human culture, however in depression, it can become anything but normal.

Crying, in a general sense, is increased to uncontrollable degrees.

Some folk who have not had a history of crying may actually be diagnosed just by this overwhelming desire to weep. I know outside of a few funerals I probably would have never cried. I am human, but not very emotional and I can say that this symptom can become a habit like brushing your teeth it can be quite invasive upon the psyche.

Some people who have not cried since childhood can become regular criers.


The person has an increased tendency to cry in addition to an ever increasing frequency to do so.


The person may cry when talking to someone about what may be wrong with them or when speaking to a professional for the first time.


At the severe state the person has trouble being moved to tears. As with other symptoms, when severe, things get a bit twisted. Now the person has a deep desire to cry but cannot be moved to tears.

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