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Don’t Be A Spoke

Of course society and the culture therein is here to show us how to behave amongst ourselves and others.

Of course, to a degree, they are required for our upbringing and one could argue, a prerequisite to longer survival ratings on the planet. (Even with McDonalds and Marlboros.)

However, just like many, if not all other animals, there comes a time in which we start thinking for ourselves.

A time comes in which we begin to extend upon the knowledge of the objects all around us and, place meaning upon them.

We begin to create structures in our minds connecting these meanings to words, people, experiences, and the small world that was once care free; wake up; no thinking; just play, suddenly, becomes much, much larger.

Further, as these new cognitive abilities grow, so do our abilities for independence.

And, as is the custom in the animal kingdom, it becomes time to leave home.

Many do; spreading their wings and flying off into the horizon that seems to be calling them.

However, some, well. . . never do.

Some being, the majority.

One reason they don’t, is because during the early phases of our development we learn more than just what our minds are stringing together, we learn of the ways of old, as well.

In addition, in a capitalist nation, or any other nation for that matter: there is a certain way of doing things and pressure from an array of places weighing down upon the person to absorb these ideals, over their own.

Which can be confusing I would imagine for some at the edge wanting to take off flying towards their goals, their dreams, their wants and desires, finding meaning, purpose, and being connected with the world as they should.

Perhaps it is more beneficial for society if we follow suit.

And more comfortable for family relationships if we follow right along where others have went in our lineage.

I don’t know.

But what I do know is that anyone or anything at any moment holds the capacity to turn us away from where we want to go.

And those that hold a deal of influence over us are the most hazardous to our aspirations.

Whether it is better for them, society, culture, or any other entity, at the end of the day, when we chose to abandon our imagination and the life that it could create, a life that is for us, one that we are connected to and passionate about, well, life gets, kind of small.

There is no reason to look up to the horizon.

The ideals of what could be are gone.

We do as we are told.

We stay put and go in circles until retirement and what typically follows shortly afterwards, death.

We stop thinking.

And before we can develop a worldview of our own, one is given to us.

Or should I say, coerced, in us.

We become less than what we could be and only what those around us or those paying us, want us to be.

We go for a ride, in the same direction, over and over, never really knowing what lies beyond this new founded monotonous spin.

Like a spoke, in a wheel.

Apart of something bigger, and important to it, but we ourselves become borderline insignificant.

And to think of how much of the world and experiences available that lie beyond some wheel, on some bike or some car. (Or some business.)

But some stay there.

They become a spoke, and have no choice but to create a personal worldview around it; justifying this surrendering and thereby comforting themselves as much as they can to block out the ideas and dreams they once had or, perhaps the dreams that never developed are, somehow, now, calling out.


But, it’s a choice.

And I think this is the most underrated fact of all time in regards to living a life we do not inherently enjoy: it, is, a, choice.

Do we fly high.


Do we go with the wheel.

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