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Don’t Forget You’re An Animal

In that, I mean, when is the last time you sat back and watched some of them behave?

And even if you haven’t, if you think for a moment about any animal you may have watched more than once, say, the singing birds every morning or the raccoons patrolling for nutrients at night; ask yourself, do they do anything, differently?

Did the crocodile not hunt on the edge of the waters this year compared to say, 10 years ago?

Did the gazelle not graze in the perfect spot to be seen, hunted, and then eaten alive?

And what of the wildebeest who, every single year cross right in to a crocodile infested river and even some who in those moments seem to almost be controlled by something inside them overriding their fear and enticing them to just, jump right in next to a family member being twisted to pieces by some creature (that I would say even to an animal that doesn’t have the ability to think, would think is absolutely terrifying) as if that’s the best choice they have to make.

However, I think the answer is no.

They all do typically the same thing every year.

Biological robots, if you will.

I like how Jim Rohn put it in regards to this reality: “They’re a slave to the genetic code.”

But not us. (Well, to a degree I suppose we are.)

These animals do this every year, every month and every day.

Like clock work.

No telling them or showing them anything; they are off to the impulsive races as soon as sunlight hits their skin.

Eat, sleep, survive.

They truly have no choice beyond what their instinct tells them.

And us, although separated from the rest of the animals precisely because of our brains ability to think and reason, opening the invitation for more, and better cognitive options besides that of our enslaving impulses and instincts would extend, still hold the risk of being caught in such non-thinking behavioral loops.

This position we are in, and it would be cool to be a Tiger I know, places us at the top of the food chain and a position for the best experience of the world. (That’s debatable I suppose.)

Some of us are born with irregularities that effect our thinking and behavior but the vast majority succumb to this simply by being raised in a society by humans.

More specifically, forgetting we are of the same animal kingdom, if we are not careful, can become caught in similar cognitive loops that output peculiar and maladaptive behaviors. (Although being eaten is normal in Africa I guess.)

For us however, I think we call them mental illnesses.


Being complacent with our minds and what may be deficient about them, those that can help it, which is many of us, is nothing more than us being neglectful of the tools we have to keep things regulated.

Which, is what makes us who we are as thinking, rational, capable-ass creatures.

In addition, we can poke fun at other animals all we want since we are so smart but if we take our reason and our thinking away, we are literally one in the same impulsive thing.

It is a privilege to hold this unique capacity amongst all other animals.

Especially if it can help us feel better.

In any area of life.

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