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Reduction of Gratification

Of the signature symptoms of depression comes: loss of gratification.

I suppose in a way one could assert that this is the beginning stage of one of the main paradoxes in depression: apathy. Which is, a complete disconnection from the world around us.

Similar to many other symptoms, left intreated, it worsens.

What is kind of eerie about this one is that it will extend to even effecting our biological needs; water, food, etc.

Of course this is not a simple avoidance of such things, perhaps because we aren’t in the mood to eat but instead, it is a loss of gratification for them. Meaning, food and activities that we once enjoyed and people that typically bring us joy being around them, all become empty connections. The human species depends on gratification very much. Almost all that we do to feel good is for this result. Now imagine all of the things that make one feel good inside become things that make us feel, nothing.


The person begins to notice that life seems less cheerful. Humans that the person is normally around and ordinarily make them feel good, begins to fade.


Life becomes boring. Things that the person normally would engage in and wanted to engage in, become empty transactions. Professionals to nonprofessionals alike all face this detachment. Relaxing and rest become one of the only satisfactions.


All enjoyment is gone. The person may even develop a distaste for even the idea of doing what they once enjoyed or even loved to do. All satisfaction is gone.

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