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Increased Dependency

Sometimes we have to rely on people.

And some people, like me, cannot stand it; and others don’t seem to care as they have no choice or perhaps they are simply okay with having to do it at times.

This symptom, is that, to a much further degree. Instead of looking to rely on someone the person looks for them to do, everything. However, similar to other symptoms, it gets worse and when it does the person begins to depend on others to even acknowledge help needed when needed.

Although a very common feature in many illnesses, in severe cases of depression this is almost analogous with that stage.


The person who was for the most part self-sufficient develops a desire to be helped and supported.


The desire to be helped grows. The person begins to want instruction for what to do in every day life in addition to inquiries for assistance in normal activities. It becomes a need, and not a want, to be helped.


The need further develops and the person becomes, to use Becks description- a passive cast. The person asks for help less, depending on people to make even this distinction. The person becomes almost demobilized.

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