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Loss of Mirth Response

Another of the more alarming symptoms is the loss of humor.

Some, I would say like me, probably see this and think, well that is kind of like me anyways because I don’t really have a sense of humor however, this would be a much further extent of such loss.

Think of some of the funniest shows and experiences and anything else that even for the folk that don’t laugh much laugh at and imagine where all of that is no longer funny.

Imagine laughter being taken from your human experience.

Most of us know what comes after laughter even if you don’t know. That is, you may not being able to explain what is happening inside your body when you laugh but you know you feel great in the moment.

This part of the human life fades. And it fades to nothing.


The person who normally laughs and enjoys listening to jokes begins to lose satisfaction in such instances and begins to see them in this light.


The person is not longer amused with jokes or seeing the light side of things.


The person stops responding to humor and may even be agitated with its presence.

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