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Dejected Mood

One of the more characteristic features of depression is also paramount to the illness- dejected mood.

Although easily used to describe someones sadness, loneliness, (“I’m depressed”) this symptom is, as is most all other symptoms of depression, something much different. It’s the down, feeling, that touches not only our minds but radiates to our bodies. Or, perhaps if you like the cloud that hovers over us and never leaves analogy; blocking out most sunshine we would otherwise be covered in.

Depending to what degree the symptom lies, this is probably one of the first subjective indications that someone is sick. Sadness fades but this symptom could be present for weeks to months to years, and it grows is severity.

According to Beck, particular words have been used to describe this state by an array of his patients: miserable, ashamed, hopeless, blue, unhappy, humiliated, worried, useless , guilty.


The person indicates feeling sad or blue. The feeling fluctuates at certain parts of the day, and at times the person feels quite normal in these intermediary periods. Although the mood has begun to alter, the person is still very much so connected with the world and stimuli within it.


The altering mood becomes more persistent and pronounced. The person that typically is easily to get going in the mild phase has a hard time connected with the attempts of others. Any relied in this phase is temporary.


The person becomes cannot escape this new, dark mood. There is no relief and the person will begin to verbalize a feeling of being trapped within it, unable to escape and in a state that will never end.

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