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Paralysis of the Will

Another of the paramount symptoms of depression is the loss of motivation.

Someone that has a depleted sense of motivation is a person we will commonly find, as this is normal when it comes to times in which we are tired or perhaps came down with an illness. However, this particular feature is a bit more, dim.

The reason this is, the actual loss of motivation is not due to anything normal, and the lack of motivation in itself is ever increasing. That is, along as the illness stays steady, before we know it, we will not have the desire to take baths or even eat.

Tasks that have been apart of life become tasks that no longer matter. And not so much as far a sort of indifference for their purpose, but it seems as if the internal stimuli that actually outputs motivational behavior have been disabled. Or, dying.


The person begins to find it hard to complete tasks that don’t require
much energy and even more so if the task does not equate to gratification.


This feeling then spreads to most activities the person normally takes part in. Missing work and other important responsibilities may seem okay as the will to do them begin to diminish. The lack of motivation begins to impact the persons ability to function properly.


At this point, there is a complete paralysis of the will. The person loses interest in doing even the things that are vital for their survival. Hunger, thirst, speaking, and pleasure or the idea of gratification in itself, is no longer present.

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