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Suicidal Wishes

Suicide has been associated with depression perhaps as long as it has been documented in the histories. If not actual documented suicides, but patients / people expressing their desire to end their stay on this planet.

There’s different types of suicidal people and this particular symptom can come in many forms. Whether it is someone studying suicide with the intention of practicing what they learn, someone simply wishing it deep down, or perhaps daydreaming about the act so much that it is hard to think of anything else. What is important to note is the person now, at this point, is taking the idea of killing themselves as a viable option out of their suffering.

Not a choice in which we don’t want to carry out, but one that, even when thinking about it, provides relief.

It is the ultimate escape to a suffering many people believe is inescapable.

Although there are a large percentage of total suicidal folk that do not nor have ever had depression, however a large majority of depressed folk are or will become suicidal.

Be that as it may, and to place a bit of significance on the worst symptom of depression as it leads to death, is that, over half the people that commit suicide in America (almost 50k a year) have been associated with depression.


Wishes to die begin. And the form they take may be a bit more passive like a wish to die or a belief that we would be better off dead. The idea of dying becomes appealing to the mind.


The wishes become more specific and more frequent. The person may have a certain way in mind and may be able to verbalize clearly why they want to go through with it. Actual attempts may start at this phase. The person may not want to wake up or begin being disappointed that they did when they do.


The person may be too depressed to even attempt suicide or the person will commit suicide.

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