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Distortion of Body Image

The persons view of themselves becomes distorted to the degree in which they believe their body has changed appearance. In some cases, the thinking is not only one of negative connotations, however, the person begins to truly believe their body has changed.

For instance, a rather good looking lady can come to the point in which she thinks, and eventually believes that she is now, ugly. Which, again, is a bit more than being hard on ourselves for not being better looking or whatever perceived physical ailment one might have.


The person may begin having a difficult time looking in the mirror for longer than usual. Imperfections seem to be the focus of the brief stops in the mirror.


The person begins believing that their physical appearance has changed. Other people that may have their perceived physical faults are then thought of as a validation to what they think they look like, “This is what I look like?”


The person begins to become disgusted with themselves. Repulsed by the way they look, and according to Beck, may even consider surgery as a way to deviate from the collapsing esthetics. Another began wearing a veil to conceal their assumed physical appearance.