Depression, Depression Distortions

Overwhelming Problems and Duties

This distortion can be classified as a magnification of responsibilities.

We all have things to do, and these tasks for the day can already, at times, become overwhelming. In depression, what we have to get done on a daily basis can become insurmountable and seem impossible.

Tasks that we once had no problem taking care of now are tasks that stress us to the brink of failure, incite high decimals of anxiety, and an influx of stress. Some things can be abandoned as it will be seen as unable to be accomplished.

In actuality, these tasks, when looked at objectively, will show themselves no more strenuous than any average to-do-list. A task with this distortion, say, straightening up a house, would be perceived as something that would take weeks, perhaps being avoided completely.

However, if carried out without the idiosyncratic thinking, it would be done in a hour or at most a day.