Depression, Depression Distortions

Ideas of Deprivation

These are the ideas of destitution.

Quite common amongst the depressed folk, this is the belief that the person is all alone. They have come to believe that they have only themselves to fend off the harshness of this planet.

Although I believe some could possibly argue they have no one in their life, most people can’t. In fact, one difficulty in reversing this type of thinking is the reluctance to accept the help that is there. That is, one could have other humans in their life that do care, and because they see this particular way, they overlook it.

We believe we are unwanted, unlovable, and everything else that would support the ideas of why we are all alone.

In some cases, the person can feel the same way about material possessions, empty and barren, when, they have ample examples before them.

Think of distortions as like a kind of filter, it’s just that, the person has no way of taking it off and what’s more, they might not even know it is there.