Cognitive, Depression, Depression Symptoms


Not a symptom that one would easily consider to be apart of an illness like depression, however when it is active, it plays a crucial role in keeping the person on a downhill slide in to darkness.

At its bare mechanics, its purpose is to make it hard for us to make a decision. We have trouble picking between two or more alternatives and when we do pick something, we may have trouble changing that option if we have / need to.

Now, this does not seem like a serious symptom that should be concerned about as much, as, say, suicidal ideation or low self-evaluation, but what if it was conjoined with other symptoms?

For instance; think of a major symptom or state the person might already be in, we’ll go with low self-esteem. The symptoms attached to it could be many but the state in itself is a very hard and sad place to be.

Not thinking much of yourself to the point in which you begin to think you are worthless. And we can continue with that; you think you’re worthless. All of the action that needs to take place in improving this state could potentially be held off by our inability to choose the routes to take or our desire to avoid it all.

This is a serious thing as it can thwart progress that could potentially help us.

Cue indecisiveness.

We have a low self-esteem that is effecting our lives to the point in which we do not want to live in them anymore but now, we have seen the light, but can’t move. We can’t decide as to make a choice at all. And what if it is the wrong decision. What if things end up even worse, etc.

Further, another part of this symptom is its effect on our motivation. Going in to the realms of avoidance, does our behavior. That is, when a normal, minor issue presents itself to us we might opt out to avoid it all thereby dodging the coming troubles of making the decision. This is okay for maybe making your bed, but not a mental distortion in your brain that is slowly bringing you to a place in which your days will forever be dampened by this cognitive cloud following above.

A pilot can become unsure about whether or not they can fly anymore and a professor can become troubled as to how to talk about what they’ve always loved in front of the humans they once enjoyed to be in front of speaking with. From small things to vey serious things this seemingly uninvolved symptom will wreak havoc as a catalyst for the development of severe depression.


decision making that is typically smooth sailing becomes difficult. The process of choosing becomes hard.


decision making issues spread to most activity in the day. They can be from minor things like what one should wear to what one should do at work.


the person grows to believe they are unable to make a decision, and, in some cases, they cannot. And will not. They begin to not even try. Life becomes stagnant, and we essentially adhere ourselves to the illness’ ways as a result.