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Mission: GTFO

So, essentially, if one wanted to blast out of the invisible earthly shackles in to the realms of outer space, the speed in doing so would have to be great.

The reason being, gravity.

Anything with mass, has gravity.

The larger the mass, the stronger it’s gravitation will be.

The star that powers our planet is a great example of a large massed object, having a larger amount of gravity.

Which, is precisely why the planets in our solar system do not drift off in to deep space.

However, let’s say you wanted to, I don’t know, get the fuck out of here, and, you have the funds to create a small, one person spaceship to do just that.

There would be only one issue, Earth is not going to let you go that easy.

In fact, if we don’t hit a certain speed, we will go nowhere except crashing back down to the grass, which, I suppose, would fulfill our wish nevertheless.

Although, let’s say you weren’t okay with an aerospace assisted suicide, and we truly wanted to make it to the outer realms.

Well, in this case, we would have to break 25,000mph.

Which, will bring Earths gravitational pull to almost zero, and we can escape.

This, is called the Escape Velocity.

(25,020 mph to be exact)

If not, again, we will not make it.

We cannot go 5,000mph.

We cannot go 20,000mph

It is a matter of mathematical life or death.

If we do not get the correct force right in our attempt, most all escape will be futile.

The idea in itself is not restricted to those that want to escape planet Earth.

The principle in itself can be applied to many things in which we human would wish to find freedom.

And, perhaps leaving this planet is simply not an option right now as you are not yet rich, and, have not quite learned the science and math to accomplish the construction of a ship.

However, consider the following:

A job we dislike.
A career we are not connected to.
A relationship that is not right for us.
A perceived, yet haunting, flaw in our physical appearance.
A feeling(s) of inadequacy in lack of skill/knowledge.
A mental disorder.
An addiction.
Or perhaps, your entire life is fucked.

All of which, especially if the behavior and the thinking behind it have had time to solidify, can be incredibly difficult to overcome and move forward from.

If we work somewhere we don’t want to work, most people;

deep down, we want out.

If we are in a relationship we do not want to be in, most people;

deep down, we want out.

If we are in a career that, at this point, doesn’t seem like the one our hearts are in tune with;

deep down, we want out.

Most people that look in the mirror and find themselves in a body that they do not want to be in;

deep down, want out.

Most people that are lost to addiction or mental illness;

deep down, we want out.

Regardless of whether they would like to admit it, deep down:

They Want Out

These same people may not want to admit it, or perhaps are oblivious to it, in essence, just want to be happy.

Be that as it may, some of us do not have the math down.

We don’t have the right calculations done to determine what we actually need to do, to get out. No matter what section of our life we look to escape from, it is most likely going to come with labor. The labor, and this is important; is what we are most capable of carrying out.

We create a plan and do it; fairly straightforward idea.

However, for those that actually want to escape, if the right energy is not behind it, everything is futile.

We will gain momentum, and then, come crashing back down to the surface in to the unwanted waters of the life we have found ourselves in.

Ironically enough, there seems to be a pull, in these particular areas we wish to escape from, very similar actually to Earth’s gravity pulling on the human attempting to blast through the atmosphere like a bat out of hell.

Like a tugging of what we once were.

Or, what wishes to prevent us from becoming.

The mass of everything we are, has, psychologically, developed quite the gravitational pull.

In fact, on a smaller scale, no different than that of the spacecraft attempting to reach the outside of our atmosphere, we are being held down the same.

How much we need to push correlates much with how much we want to accomplish; and this is the type of measurement (as a generalized calculation may be near to impossible) is one we would have to do on our own, in relation to the specific goals, time, and a few other variables, in order to how much is required.

However, I suppose the most important thing to consider is:

the push.

The levels in which we are (good day / bad day/good energy/bad energy), may go up and down, but, this is normal.

We are human and run on ATP, not rocket fuel so, hey, we have our limitations.


we are still moving.

The force is consistent.

It never stops.

Or we never escape.

It won’t let us.

Think of how many people we have heard declare a change in their life is about to happen. Although their initial approach was stellar, somehow, they end up back at the same job, back weighing the same weight, drinking and eating the same things, doing pretty much everything they said we were not going to do AND; it almost seems customary for this type of retraction from our health and more importantly, to our happiness, to happen.

Not having the right push, in the midst of the tugging back down, is all a lot of us are missing.

Some people, are literally slowly dying as a result of this gravitation and, in some cases, have been taken by it.

We have to keep the boosters on.

We have to keep the push constant.

We have to reach escape velocity.


We will never get to where we want to get to.