Depression, Depression Distortions

Magnification and Minimization

These can be considered, as Beck states, errors in evaluation so gross they constitute distortions.

A person that has had light damage done to their new car and reacts as if the vehicle is totaled when in actuality they could probably wipe the scuffs off with a rag and some cleaner.

Overreactions are common amongst folk dealing with this one.

This particular distortion is a bit more generalized in that it is the magnifying or minimizing in any type of thinking, but of course in depression it will be the typical barrage against who we are, our abilities, performance, achievements and or a source of distress. One of the main features is considering any sort of stressful situation as a catastrophe.

And one thing to note, as irrational as much of our thinking is when we’re super depressed, these emotions, whether they are founded on reality or not, produce very real emotional states. So, not so much people being drama queens but perceiving things as actual disaster and feeling like such.

In addition to the reaction to unpleasant situations, is an inflation of ones tasks or problems.

When we look further into this kind of conclusion about our experience, many times it is not at all what we are making it out to be.