Cognitive, Depression, Depression Symptoms

Negative Expectations

Although it may not be safe to say that all depressed folk are pessimist, we would be quite accurate in saying that many depressed folk seem to have a pessimistic outlook on life, and perhaps everything that could possibly have a negative outlook attached to it, does. s

With other symptom, this one in particular has two heads, if you will. One of them is a negative outlook in life. . . and everything in it. All is mostly already bad, or will become worse. The person, their work, their future, everything has a shade of gloom cast over it and this cloudy haze it leaves are the lens the person sees life through.

The second head is not rejection of any good that is to come. So, beyond expecting only the worse to happen, the possible good to happen, is not excepted. That is, we expect the worse to happen and only see the negative side of literally everything and all of the good that could possibly ever be is purposely discarded by our brains.

What is kind of scary about this one, I mean if I were still sinking in it, is that it can develop into beliefs, and beliefs, as far as the human species goes, is one of the largest contributors to how our entire life turns out. It is difficult to identify these things when we are lost within them, but I think it is important to, at the very least, note the effect they bring.

In addition, it is an outlook on life. It is not life, as life is not all bad. We, or at least us suffering with this symptom, only believe it to be so. Luckily, if luck is such a thing, if we identify it early we can correct a lot of what we’re telling ourselves, perhaps before a solidified belief takes form.

It starts with thinking all bad will happen but turns into believing nothing ever good will happen coupled with the inability to see the other side of hopelessness. And the state of hopelessness is one of the most common places human say goodbye.


in situations in which could mean more than one thing, we begin to settle on the most negative one. It is not a belief that all is bad, but it is the illumination of the bad, in addition to everything else.


we start to think we have nothing to look forward too. We begin to believe that the future will be as it is now; that nothing will change; that nothing will get better. We take a step further in to a negative outlook in life.


we become hopeless. All is black and all is futile. According to Aaron Beck and his research on the illness, at his point, in regards to correlations to suicide, this one reigns the highest. Being hopeless is something many people in society say about their state at times but this is similar to people saying they are depressed when they are really sad. A severe case of this symptom is a very dark and dangerous time for any human that is unfortunate enough to land there.