Depression, Depression Distortions

Self-commands and Injunctions

Imagine having a to-do list that, somehow, was able to hold us accountable with verbal commands.

In come cases this would prove quite helpful for someone, like me, who needs to be told what to do via a to-do list or I simply do nothing. However, what if the demands were unrealistic? What if they were to be completed in the moment with an amount of work that is nothing other than impractical.

What would take us days, months or even years; our mind, or, this particular symptom, not only relays it as such, but it sounds off at a ceaseless decimal.

At any moment someone can be flooded with “shoulds” and “musts” to overwhelming degrees.

Even though the person may recognize the tasks to be impossible to complete in such a short time, we tend to accept these memos as fact and thereby receive the emotional response therein.

Not potentially as severe as others symptoms, but, coupled with them, this can be a fruitful, arbitrary stream of anxiety (as well as depression).